GI Portable Cabins Bunk House

Leading manufacturers of Portable Cabins in India.

GI Portable Cabin Bunk House:

Our GI Portable Cabin Bunk House are manufactured at our work shop taking care of specific standards. Also, our MS bunk houses portable cabin has economic life of more than 20 years. We adhere to statutory and safety requirements while manufacturing and supplying the MS bunk houses portable cabin. Our MS Bunk House Portable Cabin range is widely used in remote and isolated sites and can be used as living modules, recreation rooms, office units, mess units, kitchen units, toilets and shower units.
  • Welding: MS Bunk houses are welded steel constructions using the latest method of MIG(CO2) argon shield gas
  • Tolerance: Bunkhouses are manufactured as per client requirement.
  • MS Bunkhouses are lift & shift type unit, can be relocated & transported to other location with the help of tailor.
  • MS Bunkhouse size has the limitation according to the size of tailor.
  • High structural stability
  • Leak proof
  • Flawless operation under adverse conditions